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While some insist that armed unmanned drones are effectively no different from other military aircraft, there are two important differences.  Firstly they can be operated remotely over very great distances via satellite links. While the drones themselves are located near the point of operation, once they are launched, control can be handed over to pilots sitting thousands of miles away.

The second major difference is persistence. Due to the lack of any crew on board, drones can remain airborne far longer than a piloted aircraft.  While a typical fast-jet can remain in the air for around 8 hours before the crew become fatigued, drones can fly far  longer.  Reaper and Predator missions typically lasting between 16 and 20 hours, and the length of time drones can stay aloft is being extended all the time. Crews simply change shifts on the ground while the drone remains in the air. This remote operating together with a greater persistence is a real difference and seen as a important strategic advantage by the military.

Some commentators try to make the point that there has always been remote warfare, flippantly citing the longbow and the trebuchet (a roman catapult) as examples from the distant past. But that is nonsense. The ability to control weapons at vast distances while being in no personal danger, combined with their ability to loiter for many hours looking for ‘targets of opportunity’ (rather than the say the one-off shot a cruise missile) is a significant difference that is having a real impact on warfare.  To put it briefly, the ability to be ‘remotely persistent’ makes armed drones significantly different from other armed aircraft.

110k square feet of heated hangar space with 28 foot door height
8.3k square foot terminal
Breathtaking views of 9k foot runway
5 acres of ramp space
Glass-walled lobby seats 45 guests
Three crew rooms

Espresso Bar
Crew kitchen and laundry
Private phone and sleep rooms
Conference rooms for pilots and passengers
Professional, high-touch staff
Expedient service

No runway wait times
Catering coordination
Heightened privacy and security
Full, expert ground handling: fuel (Jet A, Jet A w/additive, 100LL, de-icing, freight, etc.)
On-site rental cars
Helicopter and charter operations
Aircraft maintenance, avionics, management and acquisition

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This is a partial list of aviation accidents at Eglin Field/Eglin Air Force Base, Florida or involving Eglin-based aircraft.