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With Sanijet Technologies, innovative hydromassage jets, you can create a cleaner, quieter, more relaxing bathing experience – no pipes, bulky pumps, or air channels required. Put the benefits of Sanijet Pipeless™ Technology to work for your whirlpool baths, walk-in baths or pedicure sinks today.
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To purchase or inquire about Pipeless™ whirlpool jets from Sanijet Technologies, please contact us directly by clicking below. Looking for Sanijet baths? Please visit our new site, , to shop a full line of whirlpool baths, walk-in baths and pedicure sinks or to purchase parts and accessories.
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Hi guys. I’ve been doing all of my basic maintenance on my 08 Electra Glide Classic thanks to your DVDs. I noticed today that I have some oil dripping from my Harley air cleaner housing onto the right side of the motor. It’s not much, but I’m concerned. No recent service to the bike except for a new battery a couple of weeks ago (I installed it). It hasn’t been dropped or on its side. The oil level is right where it should be on the dipstick when cold. I’ve done all the fluid changes and am very careful not to overfill. Any help would be appreciated.

Top breathing engines breath, or vent, through the top breather bolts which are threaded into the heads of a Harley Davidson motor. The air inside a motor is saturated with oil. It exits through the breather bolts and into the air box where the air is filtered and the oil is captured in the air filter. A larger motor or a built motor will, typically, breath heavier. When oil drips out of an air cleaner assembly, it is usually an indication that the air cleaner element is due to be cleaned, or changed.

I have the same problem, and yes, my filter does need to be cleaned. I have an after-market spike filter. The breather bolts feed into a secondary filter to collect and filter the oil, but it has started dripping onto the bike recently. I’ll clean both filters and see if that fixes the problem.

Keeping your home clean is a multistep process, with floor care laying the foundation for everything else. A freshly vacuum carpet or mopped floor just seems to make the whole room look and feel so much cleaner. From wall-to-wall carpeting to area rugs to bare floors, there are many tools you can use reduce the dust, dirt, grime and other debris that builds up of your floors. Knowing what vacuum cleaners, sweepers, steam cleaners and other devices work for your specific needs lets you keep your floors spic and span.

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners, and each one works best with specific flooring and types of surfaces. Types of vacuum cleaners include uprights, sticks, canisters, robotic, handheld and ones designed specifically for picking up pet hair.

Carpet cleaners use water and detergent to deep clean carpets, removing built-up grime, dirt and stains. Steam cleaners are carpet cleaners that use the hot water extraction method to remove stains and dirt. The hot water sprays onto the carpeting, sometimes with a cleaning solution, and then the steam cleaner sucks the water back up, taking the loosened dirt and other foreign material with it. Regular carpet cleaners follow the same process - only normal temperature water is mixed with a cleaning solution, sprayed onto the carpet, then vacuumed up with the steam cleaner.