Jet source charter

For both large and small companies, business travel is a necessity. KCAC Aviation’s charter services provide the opportunity to experience the strategic business advantages of private aviation. With charter you can get to your destination more quickly.

Nothing can replace direct, face-to-face interactions with your clients, especially when a need pops up at a moment’s notice. With KCAC Aviation’s ARGUS Gold rated charter services, you can customize your trip and operate more efficiently. Our charter services are a cost-effective alternative to commercial airlines, helping you maximize your efficiency and get in front of your clients quickly. Travel where you want, when you want, with no lines or other typical commercial hassles.

When flying commercially you have access to just over 500 airports, primarily in larger cities. With charter services, you have access to more than 5,000 airports, which gets you closer to business. We operate on your schedule and make flying convenient for you. Whether you need to travel quickly due to a business emergency or you need to visit several locations over the course of one day, charter gives you added control over your schedule.

EJM Europe’s deep commitment to providing the highest level of client safety and security translates into setting and surpassing rigorous safety standards. Our comprehensive collection of programmes are internally supported by specialists, policies, and procedures that ensure ongoing improvement. EJM Europe consistently goes above and beyond to keep you and your passengers safe and secure at all times.

Dedicated and passionate EJM Europe representatives are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an EJM Europe client, you will collaborate directly with your Owner Services or Charter Account Managers.

Aircraft ownership provides the ultimate in privacy, productivity, and time efficiency. EJM Europe delivers a transparent product that utilises NetJets resources to manage the increasingly complex nature of aircraft ownership for our customers.

No security lines or TSA pat downs. Cushy leather seats and legroom for days. Fido curled up right next to you. The perks of flying on a private jet used to be something only the rich and famous enjoyed. But that’s changing — and in some cases, you can fly on a private jet or plane for the cost of coach (or less) if you know how to shop smartly.

A handful of sites and private jet companies are following the lead of hotels and hotel websites and offering last-minute deals on unused inventory, and others are changing the cost structure of private plane travel to make it vastly more affordable.

It’s not the only company offering these kinds of rates: Consumers may also get big last-minute deals, even when they aren’t advertised, by calling a private aviation company within a few days from when they want to depart and asking whether they have deals going on.